Classical Music Concerts 2012

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Nome: Concert Season 2012 [1]
Descrizione: With the begin of the new year comes the new concerts' season offered by the Associazione Il Pentagramms.
Data di inizio:28 Gennaio 2012 alle 17:30
Data di termine:17 Novembre 2012 alle 19:30
Luogo: Archivio Storico

Nome: The Songs Of Jazz [2]
Data di inizio:28 Gennaio 2012 alle 17:30

Nome: Classical Music Concert [3]
Data di inizio:25 Febbraio 2012 alle 17:30

Nome: Classical Music Concert [4]
Data di inizio:31 Marzo 2012 alle 17:30

Nome: Classical Music Concert [5]
Data di inizio:21 Aprile 2012 alle 18:00

Nome: Piano Recital [6]
Data di inizio:26 Maggio 2012 alle 18:00

Nome: Concert With Coro Polifonico & Piano [7]
Data di inizio:10 Giugno 2012 alle 18:00

Nome: Classical Music Concert [8]
Data di inizio:20 Ottobre 2012 alle 17:30

Nome: Classical Music Concert [9]
Data di inizio:17 Novembre 2012 alle 17:30

Concerti di Musica Classica a Bracciano 2012 - il Pentagramma [10]Start the new year in Bracciano, and with it begins a new concert season organized by the Associazione Culturale Il Pentagramma and sponsored by to the Assessorato alle Politiche Culturali of Bracciano.

The concerts will begin January 28 and will be held to the Historical Archive (Piazza Mazzini 5). The concerts are completely free thanks to the Sponsors (you can see the poster that you find on the right).

You can still become members of the Pentagram paying € 40 (or 15 € for children) per year.

The shows are scheduled:

  • Saturday, January 28 at 17:30: a concert for Jazz led by the voice of Eliana Lopiano and the trio of Richard Bisco (composed by Richard Bisco piano, contrabass Rosciglione George and drums Carlo Battisti). Play songs by Ellington, Gershwin, Parker, Davis and Jobin.
  • Saturday, February 25 at 17:30: a trio of instruments consisting of bassoon (Andrea Cellacchi), flute (Richard Cellacchi) and piano (Silvia D’Augello) Boismortier interpret some music by Saint-Seans and Donizetti.
  • Saturday, March 31 at 17:30: a duo of Cristina Vece at the piano and the violin Vece Alexander will play Mozart, Massenet and Wieniawski.
  • Saturday, April 21 at 18:00: a duo of floors (Grieco Maria Pia and Mara Bufalini) and viola (Cristina Caldera) will perform works by Schumann and Eccles.
  • Saturday, May 26 18:00: there will be a piano recital given by Cecilia Sernacchioli that will play music by Bach, Chopin, Saint-Seans and Ravel.
  • Sunday, June 10 at 18:00: The Polyphonic Choir of Bracciano led by Massimo Di Biagio, accompanied by Andrea Bosso on piano will perform pieces by Vivaldi, Bach, Pergolesi, Charpentier and Heandel.
  • Saturday, October 20 at 17:30: Maria Rosaria Della Ragione on clarinet along with Cicero Quartet (consisting of two violins, Cristian Cerilli and Alessandro Marini, a viola, Alberto Petricca, and a cello, Francesco Marini) interpret the music of Mozart and Schubert.
  • Saturday, November 17th at 17:30: a duo composed by Dear Valeria, who will play the harp, and Luca Astolfoni Fossi, who will play the guitar and the flute, will delight us with music by Heandel, Vivaldi and Naderman.

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