Day of Remembrance of the Holocaust

Data di inizio:26 Gennaio 2013 alle 18:30
Data di termine:27 Gennaio 2013 alle 19:30
Luogo: Bracciano

Data: il 26 Gennaio 2013 dalle 18:30 alle 20:30
Luogo: Auditorium Comunale

Data: il 27 Gennaio 2013 dalle 17:30 alle 19:30
Luogo: Archivio Storico Bracciano

Io Mi Ricordo 2013 - Clicca per Ingrandire

La Moglie Ebrea 2013 - Clicca per Ingrandire

The Town of Bracciano, during the Day of Remembrance, hosts two events during the weekend of 26/27 January 2013.

Saturday, January 26th at 18:30 will be held at the Municipal Auditorium a play by Bertolt Brecht entitled The Jewish Wife, under the direction of Ezio Provaroni, the music of Armonia Nascosta and the technical area of Michele Mastroianni, recite Cinzia Catullo and Ezio Provaroni. The entrance to the show is by free donation.

This show, like the whole day of memory, is also intended as an instrument for reflection and remembrance, so that persecution and extermination does not occur again in any form.


Sunday, January 27, 2013 at 17:30 in the Conference Hall of the Historical Archive of Bracciano will be held “I Remember”, a read event in memory of the Holocaust with the participation of: Nadia Acampora, Jade Benke, Christian Berra, Antonella Bertoni , Oltjon Bilaj, Federico Bitti, Rossana de Angelis, Daniela Harris, Daniela Garroni, Monserrat Olavarria, Victoria Ornica, Luke Nozzolillo, Maurizio Nozzolillo, Gianfranco Rinaldi, Vasile Romaniuc, Antonio Rossi, Maurizio Rossi, Marianna Santangelo, Alessandro Vitagliano and Giampiero Nardelli.

Wishing you a prosperous future for this world and to us, humans, that are capable of atrocities, violence, such as love and goodness, we invite the citizens take part in these events to keep alive and well in mind the memory.

If you want more information about the events can contact the Il Piccolo Teatro Bracciano for the first event, and Il Teatro D’Italia tel 338 3850135 – 347 6604579, e-mail for the second one.

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