Il Borgo

Il Borgo

The Borgo is the oldest part of the town that still retains its medieval style and atmosphere. Due to its elevated position enjoys a magnificent view of the lake and the rest of the town..

Aqueduct Traiano

In January 2010 was discovered the Caput Acquae of the aqueduct inaugurated in 109 d.C by the Emperor Trajan, the penultimate of the aqueducts that supplied Rome.

It was long 57 km, the route was mostly underground, and (with an average slope of about 2.5 m per km) every day led to the capital 118.200 m³ of water, which is equivalent to 118200 L.

The discovery occurred between the municipalities of Bracciano and Manziana, bringing to light the first source of the aqueduct and a Nymphaeum (a temple dedicated to the nymphs, or to the god of the source).

The discovery is very important because it illustrates how the romans, pushing water in two lakes and using wells, tunnels and converging structures high more than 8 meters , able to create the basis to start the aqueduct that would have watered the urban area of Trastevere; the only problem today is to have access to it, even if, once inside, all the channels, being dried up, are practicable.

In the past, both the Ostrogoths (537 a.d. ), and the Lombards (752 a.d. ), damaged the aqueduct that was restored in 700-800, for the work of two popes: Adriano I and Gregory V . In 1600 it was entirely rebuilt, becoming what is today the aqueduct “Acqua Paola”.

Today this discovery cannot be admired, because in the archaeological site there are no sightseeing tours.

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