Castle of Bracciano

Castle of Bracciano

The Castle of Bracciano is one of the main tourist attractions of our town. A magnificent example of Renaissance's defensive castles. Transformed later into a thriving and busy court. Every year it attracts thousands of people who decide to visit the numerous rooms of the museum ..

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Since the village is near the lake, a large part of culinary tradition braccianese focused on the fish, that for the most part that are not native, because introduced by man in the lake since 1850.

Among the species representative of the lake we have the eel, the tench, perch, pike, carp, perch, whitefish and lattarino.

The gastronomic recipes with local fish are:

  • The whitefish (better known as lavareto) roasted;
  • Fillets of Tench breaded;
  • Fillets of Pike, fried or grilled;
  • Pike to the cartoccio;
  • Anguilla cacciatora;
  • Anguilla in wine;
  • Fried Lattarini;

Bracciano had, over time, a prosperous farming, especially the bovine breed Maremmana, breeding in the wild and pork.

  • With the pork, baked in wood-burning ovens we have the porchetta.
  • The maremma meat, that has many different ways of being cooked, is a high-quality meat.
    Bracciano, in addition to having lake and pastures, also owns the woods, now a natural reserve, and then also has some recipe like (wild boar sauce), mushrooms (typical porcini mushrooms, very used in condiments) and truffles.

There are also many pasta types, which is traditionally prepared and are seasoned with foods mentioned above:

  • Fettuccine, tagliolini and pappardelle, prepared with egg.
  • Earthworms and maltagliati, prepared with water and flour instead.

As regards the cheese, there are fresh and ripened sheep, goat and cow and together they form a good and varied assortment of meals.

The local cakes, to taste accompanied by white or red wine, there are the tozzetti and mostaccioli.

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