Lake of Bracciano

Lake of Bracciano

Our beautiful lake is constantly destination for tourists and inhabitants of Rome who are looking for relax. Since they can not navigate the motor boats, the lake of Bracciano, is the ideal place to enjoy a quiet moment away from the noise and pollution, perhaps devoting to water sports..

Events and Anniversaries

Eventi BraccianoBracciano, as each country with a long history behind it, is rich in events related to their own traditions and roots. Many are those related to religious motives, having regard to the proximity with the papacy, but many are also those connected with the reality of the people of the place, such as trade fairs and markets.

Here is a short list of recurring events with links to pages in which you can find more information:

  • San Sebastiano: the patron saint of Bracciano, the origins of the celebration are prior the 16th century. The celebrations are held on January 20th.
  • Santissimo Salvatore: another event linked to the roots of the country, historically documented from 1300 onwards. It is remembered in August.
  • Exhibition Market: and the classic country market that offers articles of various kinds, is held every second Sunday of the month.
  • Mushroom Exhibition: this is a more recent event (about ten years of history) but still an event very much appreciated. Reappears every third weekend of October.
  • Fair May 1 and  December 13: Fairs held in Bracciano and involve it totally, during the fair in Bracciano you can find just about anything.

But in addition to many recurring events that every year we celebrate of extraordinary importance are the many initiatives of the town and of the various associations that promote events of considerable value.

Our website was born precisely from this need to disseminate the many initiatives that could risk, in spite of the importance, of not having visibility that they deserve.

On the right of the page, you may see in this section “Coming Events:” where all individual events take place in Bracciano, in the list there are links that will take you to the page which are clearly described. Or you can see all our articles on events, past and present from the creation of the site, by clicking on this link:

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