Il Borgo

Il Borgo

The Borgo is the oldest part of the town that still retains its medieval style and atmosphere. Due to its elevated position enjoys a magnificent view of the lake and the rest of the town..

Fair May 1 and December 13

The First of May and Thirteen of December of each year, in Bracciano held a large country fair compared to the size of the town itself, in fact, just passed the level crossing, the streets of Bracciano are occupied by a very high number of stands.

Usually the fair starts from just outside the historic center of Bracciano to ending in Bracciano Nuova. Each year the size of the fair is to decide, for example, in this May 2011 the fair has not reached Bracciano Nuova, but still the dimensions were relevant.

In addition to the incredible number of items offered for sale, the thing that strikes a visitor is the warmth of the people, many are, in fact, people who come to visit the Fair, tourists and inhabitants of the town and of the neighboring communes.

This event is thus also a meeting point for people of all ages, there is who decide to travel together with parents or friends by the streets of the fair and, in this way, spending a different day.

During these days you can buy anything in Bracciano: glasses, vacuum cleaners, cheese and local produce, fish and animals, painted canvas, kitchen utensils and works, plants, clothes, sheets, incense, comics, balloons, vinyl, cd, shoes and much more!

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