The Italian Air Force Museum

The Italian Air Force Museum

The Air Force Museum at Vigna di Valle was one of the first and the most important center of experimental aircrafts for the Air Force. Today is the most important museum which tells the story of the Italian Air Force..

S.S Salvatore

Santissimo SalvatoreBracciano as a tradition, being near Rome, very much close to religion. In the country, the festivities near to the cult are very heartfelt and an example of this is the feast of the Santissimo Salvatore, of which we have testimony prominences in the 14th century.

The Council each year pays a tribute to the festivities and its long tradition with major events.

Traditionally ‘Santissimo Salvatore’ was celebrated with a long procession with the transport of the sacred image, the precious tables of a polyptych dating back in 1315 of Gregory and Donato d’Arezzo.

The image was exposed for the eve throughout Bracciano, the evening was in the church of S. Maria Novella where he sang the vespers, finally was brought to the Cathedral of S. Stefano where he remained for the eight days following (the so-called Ottava).


The celebration of the SS. Salvatore is a very ancient , despite the first documents relating to a confraternity, which undertakes to make proper commitment to the festivities, dated back to 1331 (confraternity that was established in 1716).

The members of this organization were to solemnize the feast of S.S Salvatore below the Ottava of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin”. In the course of history we find several other references to “bifolci Bracciano“. There are documents of a Visit Apistolica of 1574, of a Pastoral Visit in 1618 and 1704. Toward the group that occupied the celebration we find many titles such as “workers of the Company”, “bifolci Bracciano” or “Brothers of the Chapel of SS. Salvatore“. Part of the devotion of Braccianesi toward the SS. Salvatore also derives from two miracles he did during the celebration of August 14 of 1681.

The first miracle happened during a strong and unexpected storm, but the

participants of the procession prayed the SS. Salvatore and remained unscathed. That same day a lightning struck the church of S. Maria Novella, but, despite the crashes, all managed to get miraculously saved and free.

In memory of these two incredible events, in August 15th of the same year the Priori did engraved in marble of the Chapel of the Holy the promise of the Community to honor for ever the feast.

Another wave of devotion arrival during the second world war when the S.S Salvatore was elected co-patron together with San Sebastian. In ’45 the population Braccianese renewal its votes towards the Holy and still today, as i said in the first part, this feast is still very much felt.

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