The Italian Air Force Museum

The Italian Air Force Museum

The Air Force Museum at Vigna di Valle was one of the first and the most important center of experimental aircrafts for the Air Force. Today is the most important museum which tells the story of the Italian Air Force..

The Mushroom Exhibition

Mostra Fungo Bracciano 2010

In ten years, every year, the third weekend of October, Bracciano in piazza del comune is held on the mycology show.

This exhibition allows you to teach and to bring people of all ages in the world of the collection, cultivation and the classification of species of mushrooms present in our territory.

This exhibition, in addition to being an exhibition space where you can admire the different species of mushrooms collected specially for the event, wants to teach people which are the edible mushrooms, therefore know how to pick, if there are some uncertain to be of edibile. The event is sponsored by the Municipality of Bracciano, the province of Rome and by the Regional Park of Bracciano and Martignano.

Past editions of the Mushroom Exhibition

This year, was held in Bracciano, on 16th and on October 17th, 10th Mushroom Exhibition with an exhibition space in which it was able to see the reproduction of Caldara in Manziana, a reconstruction of the wooded lazio and a variety of species with mycological tags containing name and classification and edibility.

Above the mushrooms exposed in containers on the tables, there were also images that explained how they were collected and cultivated. Besides descriptions of numerous events organised by Gemal.

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