Il Borgo

Il Borgo

The Borgo is the oldest part of the town that still retains its medieval style and atmosphere. Due to its elevated position enjoys a magnificent view of the lake and the rest of the town..

How to Move in Bracciano

Bracciano is a small country, but it gets bigger if you consider its hamlets (Bracciano2, Vigna di Valle, Castel Giuliano, Pisciarelli, Sambuco and Vicarello).

Because of it, to move in the center, is strongly advised to walk, but in any case Bracciano is connected with its neighboring towns and with the lake by Rossibus bus lines (for connections with the hamlets) and COTRAL (for connections to other towns) .

Moreover, as we have already written on the page How to Reach Bracciano, the town is crossed by the railway that leads from Rome to Viterbo. Through it you can easy move between Rome, Anguillara Manziana and many other places to visit!

Finally Bracciano also consists of a Taxi service that can take you anywhere with no-problems.

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