The House Of Taste

The House Of Taste

Descrizione: Antonio's "House Of Taste" is a typical products shop in the storic center of Bracciano, it steal the conoisseurs souls thanks to the taste and to the authenticity of its products.
Indirizzo: Via Agostino Fausti, 8
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Telefono: +39 334 2199671

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The House of Taste is located in the centre of Bracciano, just a few steps from the Orsini-Odescalchi Castle.

Here gourmets will be enraptured by the perfume, tastiness and wholesomeness of our top quality products.

Choice PDO prosciutto (cured ham) from Tuscany, PGI prosciutto from Norcia, San Daniele Reserve, sweet cured ham from Montefeltro washed with white wine and, for true connoisseurs, two highly-prized prosciuttos: the famous Cinta Senese and the Pata Negra, both always carved by hand.

A vast assortment of typical Umbrian cold-cuts, including small wild boar sausages, Fiaschetta del Prete and Corallina salamis, wild boar mortadella, Colonnata lard, and many other tasty meats.

The best fresh and mature cheeses, such as the richly-flavoured Pecorino di Fossa, spicy Castelmagno, delicate Caciocchiato from Avellino, piquant Auricchio Stravecchio, Caciofiore di Columella fragrant with herbs, delicious PDO buffalo mozzarella from Battipaglia, and a host of other typical regional and local cheeses.

Fresh every day, bread and pizza baked in a wood oven from Canale Monterano, currant buns and jam tarts from the Antico Forno di Valentino.

Home-made regional sauces, spreads and preserves. From vegetables in oil from Cerignola to Tuscan and Umbrian savoury spreads, a variety of toppings for toast and crackers, truffles and truffle sauces from Norcia, PGI lentils from Castelluccio and excellent extra-virgin olive oil produced locally.

From the savoury to the sweet: delicious Umbrian biscuits made with spelt, locally baked cookies and a mouth-watering assortment of homemade Sardinian pastries.

Jams and preserves, produced regionally and locally, made with 80% fruit and brown sugar or honey.

And to finish, fancy cakes from Tuscany: Corsini Panettone and Pandoro of the highest quality, a variety of nougats and delicious Tuscan Polendina chestnut cake.

The House of Taste also offers its customers a wide selection of fine red and white wines, from Brunello di Montalcino to Amarone from Valpolicella, and a range of excellent grappas.

All our products can be gift-wrapped with taste and imagination, to delight all those who like to eat well and enjoy good wine.

The House of Taste also prepares and delivers hampers for special occasions. We are equipped to meet all your requirements, from de luxe to medium and small hampers. All composed to order, according to your needs and taste.

For ten years now the House of Taste has been conducting its business with professionalism and a real passion, and has earned an excellent reputation for its wide range of specialities. We always choose the best Italian products available, in order to offer our customers food and wine of the highest quality.

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Tel: +39 334 2199671


from 08:30 to 13:30 and from 17:00 to 20:00

Closed on Sunday for weekly rest day.

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