Castle of Bracciano

Castle of Bracciano

The Castle of Bracciano is one of the main tourist attractions of our town. A magnificent example of Renaissance's defensive castles. Transformed later into a thriving and busy court. Every year it attracts thousands of people who decide to visit the numerous rooms of the museum ..

Fishing at Bracciano Lake


Obtain a fishing license
Fish in the Lake
Minimum measures and periods of prohibition of fishing
Fishing Rules


Fishing in Bracciano is a popular sport, not only for the variety of fish species you can find, but also because it offers the fisherman the opportunity to enjoy the panorama and the peace that only a place like this peaceful Lake can offer, away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

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Obtain a fishing license

To fish in the Lake of Bracciano you must require a fishing license category “B” ( for the inland waters), this license has a duration of 6 years and you may otained it by delivering all the documentation listed below at the counter of the Councillorship Hunting and Fishing, located in Via Nomentana 54, open from Monday to Friday from 9.00 to 12.30 and from 3:00 PM to 4:00 PM. To contact the office call the following number: 0667661.

• Application in paper with a tax mark from Euro 10.33 addressed to the President of the Provincial Government of Rome, indicating name, surname, place and date of birth, residence and explicit statement of not having reported sentences for offenses in the field of fishing, and any administrative penalties incurred for infringements of fishing; in the case if there where a second person to present the papers for you, we must attach a copy of the document of recognition of the residence of the person commissioned;

• Two passport size photographs, equal and recent, one of which is to be authenticated; the photos can be authenticated at the Fishing Office, by the person concerned as long as he personally with a valid document of recognition;

• the certification of the payment to c/c postale n.51547008 “Provincia di Roma” for the amount of Euro 34.56 .If your address is one of the following municipalities in the province of Rome, then the regional tax is 24 €:

Affile – Agosta – Allumiere – Anticoli Corrado – Arcinazzo Romano – Arsoli Artena – Bellegra – Camerata Nuova – Canterano – Capranica – Prenestina- Carpineto Romano – Casape – Castelmadama – Castel S. Pietro Romano – Cave – Cerreto Laziale – Cervara di Roma – Ciciliano – Cineto Romano – Civitavecchia Colonna- Frascati – Gallicano nel Lazio – Genazzano – Gerano – Gorga – Grottaferrata – Guidonia Montecelio – Jenne – Licenza – Mandela – Marano Equo – Marcellina- Marino – Montecompatri – Monteflavio – Montelanico – Monteporzio Catone – Montorio Romano – Moricone – Nerola – Olevano Romano – Palestrina – Palombara – Percile – Pisoniano – Poli – Riofreddo – Rocca Canterano – Rocca di Cave – Rocca di Papa – Roccagiovine – Roccapriora – Rocca S. Stefano – Roiate – Roma – Roviano – Sambuci – Saracinesco – Segni – S.Angelo Romano – S. Cesareo – S. Gregorio da Sassola – S. Marinella – S. Polo dei Cavalieri – S. Vito Romano – Subiaco – Tivoli – Tolfa – Vallepietra – Vallinfreda – Vicovaro – Vivaro Romano – Zagarolo.

(Just in case you are a foreign resident, you may simply pay the amount of Euro 34.56 on c/c postale n. 51547008. to “Provincia di Roma” .)

• The proof of payment on c/c 51547008 to: ‘The Province of Rome” for the amount of Euro 2.58 for ii libretto for a fishing license.

• A marca da bollo” of Euro 10.33 . If you want to receive directly your fishing license to your home, you will need to make a further payment of the amount of Euro 2.89 on c/c postale n. 51547008, to “Provincia di Roma”.

All listed above must be attached to the application.

Also minors, with age over 14 years, may obtain a fishing license with the consent of the person who exercises parental authority.

The only people who do not have the obligation of the license are children under the age of 14 years that may fish with the use of a single reed, with or without a reel, they must be accompanied by adult person equipped with a fishing license which will be held jointly and severally liable for behavior of the child acts when fishing.

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Fish in the Lake

Fish species present in the lake of Bracciano are: the pike, perch, Rudd, Rovella, tench, carp, Eel, Lattarino, mullet, Whitefish, Pumpkinseed Sunfish, the Gambusia.

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Minimum measures and periods of prohibition of fishing


eel (Anguilla Anguilla) – 25cm – None

carp (Cyprinus Carpio) – 25cm – from May 15 to June 30

Cefalo and Mugilidi (Mugil spp. ) – 15cm – None

whitefish (Coregonus Lavaretus) – 30cm – from December 25 to January 31

Pike (Exos Lucius) – 30cm – from February 15 to March 30

Perch (Perca Fluviatilis) – 28cm – from April 15 to May 30 (Micropterus Salmoides) (Black Bass, Micropterus Salmoides) – 20cm – None

tench (Tinca Tica) – 20cm – from May 15 to June 30

The minimum lengths of all fish shall be measured from the tip of the tail of the fish to mouth closed, until the end of the caudal lobe along the fin.

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Fishing Rules

In accordance with the following rules do not harm the lake ecosystem, so please read them.

• It’s prohibited fishing with the use of blood, used as bait, as pastuerizing or as an additive to other components;

• It’s prohibited underwater fishing, fishing with hands and the fishing nets; • It’s prohibited killing, capturing, transporting and trade freshwater crayfish (Austropotamobius pallipes italicus) and freshwater crabs (Potamon fluviatile) that do not come from breeding;

• the use of a net is allowed only as auxiliary means for the collection of the fish caught;

• sport fishing is prohibited in the night hours and precisely from one hour after sunset to one hour before the dawn;

• fishing for pike is limited to no more than five samples, a day for a fisherman sports;

• The fishing of salmonids (trout and whitefish) shall be limited to not more than six samples, a day for a fisherman sports;

• the fish king is limited to not more than eight samples per day for a fisherman sports;

• fishing barbi, chub, carp and tench is limited to no more than ten samples for each species, a day, for a fisherman sports;

• for the other species the quantity daily fish may not exceed five kilograms for each sport fisherman;

• in public waters, the place of fishing awaits the first occupant for all the time in which these exercises fishing;

• fishermen in pursuit of fishing with cane must stay a distance of respect of at least 10 meters from one another, except with the consent of the first occupant fisherman;

• the use of the scale is prohibited in the lake;

• It is prohibited fishing with dynamite or other explosives and with the use of electricity to intent direct and indirect killing or dazing fish;

•It is forbidden to throw and to introduce in the waters substances to muddy the waters and to stun or kill the fish. It is prohibited to collect stunned or dead fish;

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