Church of Santa Maria Del Riposo

Church of Santa Maria Del Riposo

This church which is located along the via del Riposo and has, most likely, the most beautiful view of the lake. The church often hosts cultural activities..

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Bagni di Vicarello

Vicarello (or Borgo di Vicarello), a fraction of Bracciano, not far from the village, there was an important thermal point.

The source is located about 500 meters upstream of the Village and the water gushes out at a temperature of about 50 °. The system has etruscan origins and greek (VII century b.c. ) and only in 1852 have been rediscovered traces of its ancient past.

In 1692 they became property of the Roman College Monarchy who in 1737 built the spa Bagni di Vicarello. In the 852 was further expanded to cover the influx of visitors. In 1930, was then entrusted to a college of Sisters who contributed to modernise it for the Council Fathers and then sell it in ’70 in the agricultural society of Vicarello.

There where then excavations from which came to light archaeological finds of great importance. Now is currently closed.

Terme di Stigliano

Terme di Stigliano are part of the thermal springs linked to the activities of magmatic Volcano Sabatino (the same as Vicarello). Despite the fact that it is not part of the town of Bracciano but very close to it, about 10 Km of road.

The baths are very well taken cared of and there is also the possibility of the various classic spa treatments. It is also possible to stay in the Thermal Hotel

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