Weddings in Bracciano

Weddings in Bracciano

An impressive medieval castle, one of the largest lakes in Italy, not far from Rome, surrounded by the beauty of a natural park. Bracciano is one of the places where you can organize an unforgettable wedding.


Each year many couples choose Bracciano for their wedding. Thanks to its breathtaking views and its exciting atmosphere, the village offers special emotions that can make unique your wonderful event.
Bracciano offers many venues for civil and for religious ceremonies.

Among the most popular churches for a catholic ceremony there is the Church of Santa Maria del Riposo. It dates back to the sixteenth century. The chapel was recently restored and from her you can enjoy one of the most fascinating views of the lake and Rocca Romana mountain. On foot of it lies small town of Trevignano, surrounded by the Cimini mountains.


Another beautiful church is church Santa Maria Novella.
This is one of the most wanted church for catholic weddings!

The church used to have a convent of Augustinian monks in its property. It was built in the fifteenth century but has been consecrated a century later.
This is the Civic Museum of the village now. The church is located in the heart of Bracciano, not far from the Castle and the Cathedral of Santo Stefano, which is the third most important church for religious weddings here. The cathedral is located in the heart of the village of Bracciano, surrounded by the first walls of the castle. It was born as a medieval chapel and enlarged during the centuries. Inside its wall you could admire some wonderful paintings.


For civil ceremonies Bracciano offers many possibilities. The area is beautiful natural park and the natural setting is simply amazing. Many couples decide to get married in the beautiful town hall located in the main piazza. Others prefer Trevignano town hall, right in front of the lake. Otherwise many villas around the lake, offer nice spots for a lovely and romantic symbolic blessings just by the lake shore.


The most important venue in Bracciano it is the big building you can admire from all over the village because of its dominant position: Orsini Odescalchi Castle.


Bracciano castle is one of the most beautiful castles in Italy and it can surely be a perfect for an unforgettable wedding. History, beauty and charm that this venue evokes makes it a unique place in the world. Many famous people chose it for their wedding….do you remember about Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes weddings fee years ago? And we can mention many more of them!


From medieval stronghold it was transformed by Napoleon Orsini. From original structure that characterizes it,it became a flourishing Renaissance court in which great artists have passed and a large number of worldly parties have been organized.


You can still breath the air of those times. A castle, a picturesque lake, a pristine nature, Bracciano is the ideal place for a fairytale wedding.
Just come to discover it we are waiting for you!


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