The Castle of Bracciano

The Castle of Bracciano

Descrizione: The castle Orsini Odescalchi and probably the symbol of Bracciano. Of late medieval origin has suffered, with the passing of the years, substantial changes to become what we can still see today.
Indirizzo: Piazza Mazzini 14, Bracciano, Rome
Latitude: 42° e 6'
Longitude: 12° e 10'
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Telefono: 06 99802379

The Castle of Bracciano is a gem of art war of the 15th century. Developed during the transition period between the middle ages and the renaissance, the castle is a unique monument of its kind. The castle, currently owned by the family Odescalchi, was opened to the public in 1952 thanks to Livio Odescalchi IV.

A visit to the castle is a fundamental step for those who want to discover Bracciano.

The rooms of the castle are now used as a museum


The first news of the “castle” of Bracciano date back to 1234 when in reality it was little more than a fortress of the  Prefects of Vico family. The castle dominated, and dominates the surrounding territories thanks to the hill on which it stands.

After the turbulent times (1419) the granting to the vicariate of the current territory Braccianese was assigned by Pope Martin V to the Orsini. Baron Napoleon Orsini contributed important changes to the simple fortified building transforming it in the magnificent castle that still preserves.


From the participation of Napoleon Orsini the castle has purchased an original shape consists of two four-sided united by a summit, are still visible the architectural differences between the two structures. From a simple defensive building, the castle was transformed into a popular renaissance court.

There stayed important artists, it was the site of numerous cenacles cultural and worldly feasts. Towards the end of the century it was then frescoed by some artists of the school of Antoniazzo Romano.

The castle with the passing of the years has changed in order to meet the new requirements of defense. Among the innovations of great importance was the new walls that enclosed over the village and the town became accessible only through two entrances with a drawbridge.


The current entry of the castle does not correspond to the one that was there  at the time of the Orsini, in fact, the north-west corner of piazza Mazzini, the ancient square of the Garden, corresponded to the main entrance of the castle.

Currently is the destination of tourists from all over the world to rediscover the charm of the past and often is also used for the celebration of special events, such as weddings.

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