Lake of Bracciano

Lake of Bracciano

Our beautiful lake is constantly destination for tourists and inhabitants of Rome who are looking for relax. Since they can not navigate the motor boats, the lake of Bracciano, is the ideal place to enjoy a quiet moment away from the noise and pollution, perhaps devoting to water sports..

Church of Santa Maria Del Riposo

Descrizione: This church of the sixteenth century, enjoys one of the most scenic views of Bracciano.
Indirizzo: Via Del Lago, Bracciano
Latitude: 42° e 6' Nord
Longitude: 12° e 10' Est
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The Church of Santa Maria Del Riposo, located in Via del Lago, a 16th century church that is located in the historical center of Bracciano. Along the Via Del Riposo uphill you can admire the church throughout her modesty and solemnity, while, on the right, you can enjoy a pleasant view of the Lake.

On the facade of the church there are 2 columns that hold a tympanum. The Church has a central plan structure with two side chapels, which have the magnificent paintings inside them: “The Assumption of the Virgin”, in the chapel on the right (probably commissioned by Pagnotta Family, and because of their coat of arms that appears in the fresco), and “The Massacre of the Innocents”, in the chapel on the left (commissioned by a local family, whose coat of arms has not yet been identified). There are also a choir and marble corbels supporting the groundwater with exposed beams.

History of the Church

Before the Orsini family build today’s Church of Santa Maria Del Riposo, there was a small chapel which is called “Santa Maria Del Sasso”, the only remaining sign of it until our times is the image of the Madonna which is present on the bottom of the church.

The church was consecrated in 1573 and, in contrast to some legends circulating in Bracciano, about the desacralization of the church, it is still consecrated.

Two contrasting elements catches your eye in this church, the architectural structure relatively simple and the fresco, perhaps completed in 1585, and, the opulent, develops the entire inner surface.

These frescoes are attributed to the brothers Taddeo and Federico Zuccari who were attending the roman mannerist school, the Zuccari brothers were already important in Bracciano for the work that had played in some of the halls of the castle Orsini, around 1560. Removing, during restoration, an altar of age nineteenth-century, was discovered a Madonna with Child by 1400, perhaps part of the chapel of origin.

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