Duomo of Bracciano

Duomo of Bracciano

Descrizione: Church of medieval origin that has experienced various enlargements with the passing of the centuries. Currently continues to be one of the most important churches in the Country. Address: Largo della Cattedrael, Bracciano
Indirizzo: Largo Della Cattedrale, Bracciano
Latitude: 42° e 6' Nord
Longitude: 12° e 10' Est
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Duomo di Santo Stefano

The Cathedral of Santo Stefano is undoubtedly a step to do for anyone visiting Bracciano. Inside with its environments in baroque style and breathes an air of solemnity and devotion.

The history of the cathedral, which probably comes as a chapel in the middle ages, is full of continuous additions (such as enlargement of the entire church), construction and renovation, even the reconstruction of the stairs that lead up to the church.

One of the most important additions was the construction of the bell tower during the first years of the 1600s.

In the church there is a painting by Giacomo Zoboli (donated in 1696 by duke Orsini) that represents the stoning of Santo Stefano, with a difference: the lake in the background, instead of being one of the Sea of Galilee, and the lake of Bracciano.


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