Castle of Bracciano

Castle of Bracciano

The Castle of Bracciano is one of the main tourist attractions of our town. A magnificent example of Renaissance's defensive castles. Transformed later into a thriving and busy court. Every year it attracts thousands of people who decide to visit the numerous rooms of the museum ..

Lake of Bracciano

Descrizione: This beautiful lake is one of the most important and least polluted in Italy, is a reservoir for drinking water.
Latitude: 42° e 6' Nord
Longitude: 12° e 10' Est

Bracciano Lake, also called with the name of “Lago Di Sabatino”, is a volcanic lake, the eighth in Italy for extension with its 57.5 km2 and the sixth for depth, with its 164 meters.

Only one single stream, the river Arrone, is generated in south-east coast and ends in the Tyrrhenian Sea, but the lake does not receive the water only from it, in fact, the level of the lake and raised by rains and by some underground water sources, such as those thermomineral of Vicarello.

On the lake there are three municipalities: Bracciano (West), Anguillara Sabazia (East) and Trevignano Romano (North).

The lakeside is a lovely place to get a good walk, it has recently been put up a new leaving ample space for pedestrians. Along the road there are many points where you take a tea or a snack and many restaurants renowned for their cuisine, specialized on fish lake.

The lake is an important drinking water reserve, indeed, thanks to the aqueduct of Paolino (from the name of pope Paul V) the water of the Lake managed to get in some areas of Rome, and it is precisely for this reason that, in order to preserve its purity, was put under protection and the waters are constantly monitored allowing us to enjoy this wonderful landscape.

The beach is wide and in different areas sandy, there are several bathing estabilishments (baths) where you can relax and be spoilt” from the sun and the noise of the water. There are also many public beaches a bit more spartan.

For our four-legged friends? Dogs can happily have fun in the lake at the beach of seagulls. And if you do not want to swim or sunbathe, many baths rent canoes and kayaks (single and double) which you can go around the entire lake. And if you have a passion for sailing and windsurfing, Bracciano is the ideal place!

In fact, the lake is prohibited to motor boats (except for the ferry) and allows sailing in peace and tranquility. Many people each year crowd our beaches and then go to seek more wind offshore.

Bracciano has an enormous number of sailing clubs inscribed the FIV (Federazione Italiana Vela) where it is possible to rent boards and boats or learn this wonderful sport!

The lake of Bracciano is becoming increasingly well known thanks to Bracciano Sailing Contest in the last edition (2010) has counted 400 participants.

In 1999, the lake of Bracciano was declared Regional Park , in the center of the Regional Park of Bracciano and Martignano, thanks to the preservation of its fauna and flora typical of Lazio’s lakes.

The lake of Bracciano is also a historical museum because the lake bed contains traces of the passage of the man, that from antiquity was allocated around the lake basin.

In some discoveries as in Vicarello there were found, during the excavations, artifacts from the Middle Bronze age, in Sposetta were dated objects ranging from the Middle Bronze age to the Bronze in the Vigna Grande finds date back to the Iron age.

Recently there have been carried out excavations in the locality The Marmot, which have led to the discovery of an ancient neolithic village. Among the finds, as well as objects of common use, have also been found of pirogues of length of approximately 10 meters. This is a further confirmation of the rich history of this area.

At the pier of Bracciano there is the ferry which, in summer, welcomes visitors who want to make a panoramic tour of the Lake of Bracciano.

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