Church of Santa Maria Del Riposo

Church of Santa Maria Del Riposo

This church which is located along the via del Riposo and has, most likely, the most beautiful view of the lake. The church often hosts cultural activities..

Margini e Segni

Descrizione: An art gallery where original exhibitions and artistic innovations are held.
Indirizzo: Via Del Pescino 59, Bracciano
Latitude: 42° e 6' Nord
Longitude: 12° e 10' Est
Telefono: 0699920999

Margini e Segni - Clicca per IngrandireOn October 15, 2011 was born in Bracciano a new gallery and editorial workshop named Margini e Segni.

Located in the midst of the historic center of Bracciano, in Via Del Pescino No. 59, overlooking the St. Stephen’s Cathedral, the gallery has been home to exhibitions of painting, sculpture, all in the name of a search for creative originality.

In fact, the aim of this exhibition space is just to divulge a new way of understanding art and publishing, rewarding the originality and creativity of artists and writers.

A particular interest as regards the production of micro-works, creative design, Illustrative and Photographic innovations, video and digital art.

An exhibition space in search of sketches and drafts of micro-art and micro-publishing: small crafts that, intertwined with the world of technology, become available to everyone, mini books or mini video that can be viewed or read by anyone.

The editorial section is focused on the invention of ebooks on writing workshops, creation of craft books and self-made editing of quality.
The art workshop is directed by Stefania Fabri and the publishing study by Maurizio Caminito.


Hours on Saturday and Sunday: from 15:30 to 18:30.


Tel: 06 9992 0999

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