Vino e Camino

Vino e Camino

Descrizione: Un accogliente ristorante posizionato proprio sotto al Castello Orsini-Odescalchi
Indirizzo: Piazza Mazzini, 11
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Telefono: +39 06 99803433

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Vino e Camino is a comfortable restaurant located near the entrance of Orsini-Odescalchi Castle in Piazza Mazzini, number 11.

The restaurant starts it’s activity on May 25th 1995 in the historic center of Bracciano in Via delle Cantine No. 11 and five years later moves to reach its current location, in the seventeenth century was the Oven and Storage of wood and of flour the ancient castle, indeed, we can see, within the structure magnificent arches and vaults.

With the possibility to eat outside in good weather, the customer can enjoy all the charm of the castle and of the Medieval Town, in a sublime atmosphere that brings back in time.

In June 2010 was founded another “Vino e Camino” in the center of Rome, in Piazza dell’Oro No. 6, near Piazza Navona. This new place, despite the different location, it is very similar in atmosphere, but also architecturally, than the Bracciano’s one, you can see the same brick arches, the same cross vaults and a beautiful wood burning oven covered with tiles of Vietri that churning out delicacies of all kinds.

Cristina and Massimo Baroni, the two brothers who run and work for Vino e Camino, have chosen to associate good wine to quality cuisine at a time when this was not even “fashion” and this still represents a strength of the restaurant.

They have treated a large wine selection and driven their guests into the world of wine, with the knowledge of wine as a noble part of the Italian cultural heritage. That is why the wine cellar is made entirely of Italian wines, with particular attention to small-scale production and to quality products, maintaining the right balance between quality and price.

The cooking combines tradition and innovation, carrying on the tradition of the dishes of rome of the Lazio Region (its cheese and pepper is unforgettable and among the best 10 in Rome) and at the same time other regional cuisines that have tickled interest or that are part of roots of the owners (brothers Baroni, as well as Romans, are of Mantua and of Abruzzo).

The restaurant takes particular care of the quality of the materials, which are necessarily all fresh, mostly biological, and possibly found in the area, following the policy of  km 0. An example is the Bread of Monterano Channel, which is naturally leavened and baked in a wood oven. And provide one from local producers will ensure to the customer the control and product quality.

Opening Time:

from 10:30 to 15:00 from 18:30 to 24:00.

Closed on Mondays for weekly rest.

Facebook Page:
Tel and Fax: 06 99803433

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